Ploughing & Cultivation Services

A pool of modern, reliable and efficient machinery is able to complete tasks to a high standard.

4.5m Horsch Terrano MT Primary Cultivator

4.5m Horsch Terrano MT Primary Cultivator - Chris Woods Contracting
  • This is a combination machine consisting of a pair front cutting discs, ripping legs and a roller.

  • It provides shallow tillage and intensive mixing combined with deep soil loosening.

6m Scimitar Land Leveller

6m Scimitar Land Leveller - Chris Woods Contracting
  • Purchased to follow the plough in some conditions for the ultimate finish and land levelling.

  • Combine this with our¬†Cambridge Roller for a firm seed bed ready to drill.

7 Furrow Kverneland Plough

7 Furrow Kverneland Reversible Plugh - Chris Woods Contracting
  • Auto Reset and Vari-Width

  • Fitted with Grass Skimmers

  • Kverneland Ploughs produce unsurpassed levels of performance

6m Amazone Catros Disc Press

6m Amazone Catros Disc Roller - Chris Woods Contracting
  • Ideally suited for shallow and intensively mixing soil tillage

6m Salford Cultivator

6m Salford Cultivator - Chris Woods Contracting
  • Fitted with both finger tines and crumblers

  • This cultivator has superior clearance and a hydraulic self-levelling frame.

  • Combine this with finely adjustable depth control, this machine provides accurate cultivation depths and a tidy finish.

  • Can be used in tandem with Cambridge rollers for economic soil preparation.

6m Cambridge roller

6m Cambridge Roller - Chris Woods Contracting
  • With breaker rings and levelling paddles.

6.6m Simba Uni Press Roller

Coming Soon - Chris Woods Contracting
  • Fitted with straight tines and levelling paddles.

  • Ideal to go straight behind plough and ready to drill in one pass on some soils.